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Aeschbach Chocolatier

Sweet content for Aeschbach Chocolatier

Chocolate is part of my DNA. Accordingly, it is easy for me to work in content marketing for the exclusive and tradition-conscious Swiss family business Aeschbach Chocolatier, among others. As a content creator, the goal is to create high-quality, authentic, and engaging content for social media, the webpage, and other marketing tools. I am passionate about creating and publishing informative and exciting brand stories on the topic of “happiness you can eat” – chocolate. One of the most important components of content marketing is visual storytelling – especially for luxury goods. Only with authentic photos and videos do the stories become tangible, real and alive. The goal is to create content that offers added value to the target groups and literally whet the appetite of potential new customers.


Content Creator: Rahel Aeschbach
Pictures: Johanna Unternährer
Customer: Aeschbach Chocolatier

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